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Find the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing so you can get well and stay well naturally.

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Unlock your body's hidden stressors and work towards becoming you again.

A Functional Approach to Eliminating Unwanted Symptoms

FDNthrive has helped thousands of people like you lead healthier and more productive lives. Here’s how:

full health review

Full Health Review

We will get a better understanding of your complete health history. We will use your health history as the basis help us uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

Lab Based Results

Lab Based Testing

We'll help you understand what is happening inside your body. Find out what is really happening with you so you can get your life back on track and feel relief from the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Start Feeling Better

Follow your custom personalized plan that we developed for you and your symptoms so that you can feel better and live your life symptom free. Your symptoms will no longer hold you back.

Whether you are tired of being told there is nothing wrong with you, your doctor has been unable to help solve the root cause of your symptoms or you are looking to restore to full health without medication.

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We've been where you are!

Our FDNthrive Practioners started this journey because they were fed up with not being able to find the answers and the root cause of the symptoms they were experiencing.

Chronic Illnesses, Unwanted Symptoms & More

We became certified FDNthrive® practitioners because we couldn’t find any answers in traditional medicine for our chronic health complaints. 


We struggled with fatigue that kept us from being present with our families and friends. We had insomnia that left us sobbing into the pillow at night. We had frustrating weight gain despite eating a low calorie or low carbohydrate diet. We had embarrassing digestive complaints that impacted our relationships with others.  


We developed weird food sensitivities that left us feeling like we couldn’t eat more than five or six boring foods. In short, we understand you completely. And we know how to help.

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There is a better way to achieve vibrant health that doesn’t require expensive drugs or invasive procedures. It starts with a commitment to adjust your current lifestyle for the better—and it can be easier than you think!

About Our

Health Success Program

We help you discover what changes to your Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction &  Supplementation that will work for your body and pinpoint your body’s imbalances.



You’ve tried them all and you still can’t seem to lose weight? Well, don’t worry. FDNthrive is different than anything else- we guarantee it!


We know how frustrating it is when you just can’t get comfortable at night, but there are simple changes that will make all the difference in getting a good night’s rest.


If your body is stressed, exhausted, or dealing with some form of disease, there are many exercises you SHOULDN’T be doing!

Stress Reduction

We’ll uncover the stressors in your life and create a customized protocol to reduce or eliminate them so you can get back on track with living an active lifestyle!


You will have a customized supplement plan that takes into consideration your body’s individual needs. This way the benefits of supplementation are attainable and sustainable for life!

Find the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

At FDNthrive, we deal with a wide range of symptoms and issues. Symptoms show up differently in each person which is why we use our unique, custom protocol that is designed solely around finding the root cause of your discomfort. 


Every BODY is different and that’s why we use our lab tests to see what is happening inside your body., we test, we do not guess!


Here are some of the issues we deal with:

What Our Clients Have To Say...

We've Got You Covered

Every FDNthrive Expert Practioner is board certified, insured and licensed.

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Your FDNthrive® is board certified and represents true dedication to the art and science of health coaching.

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Your FDNthrive® is a licensed health practitioner, held to the highest standards of coaching.

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Your FDNthrive® Practitioner is insured and covered by liability insurance. 

Simple Steps To Better Health

Free eBook

Simple Steps to Better Health Guide

Learn how you can take action to achieving better health by following our 5 step approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has been where you are. We became certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN®) because we couldn’t find any answers within traditional medicine for our chronic health complaints, including fatigue that kept us from being present with family and friends; insomnia which left us sobbing into pillows at night- frustration eating low calorie or carbohydrate diets without success due to weight gain. 

After your health review session, we’ll match you up with your FNDthrive expert practitioner and you will have your welcome call and review your health goals. Meanwhile, your functional lab tests will be ordered and sent to your home or place of business. Over the course of a week or so, you’ll receive at-home testing kits that look for irregularities in your hormones, digestion, and energy.


You’ll get clear instructions on how to take your tests and send them to the labs.


During this time, you’ll also be filling out some comprehensive intake forms so we can learn everything we can about your health history.


You’ll meet once with your FDNthrive® Practioner to get acquainted and to discuss your health history.

It takes about 2 weeks for all of your lab results to be processed, and when all of the data is in, you’ll meet with your FDN® again for your 


Results and Recommendations session. You’ll get four more sessions with your FDNthrive® Practioner as you learn to apply our signature DRESS for Health Success® protocol.


By the end of six sessions, most clients are feeling pretty good. But you’ll always have the option to add more sessions.

We love our doctors. In fact, there are FDN® Practioners that are doctors. But traditional medical care excels at acute care, not chronic unexplained imbalances.


There are no pills or procedures for restoring balance to a body in Metabolic Chaos.


Your doctor has been excellently trained in medicine, and we don’t do medicine. We simply look for hidden stressors in the body.


We have the time and flexibility to explore these hidden stressors with you. Your doctor likely doesn’t. The labs we run are not covered by insurance, and since we are health coaches and not medical or nutrition professionals, we don’t take insurance. Insurance companies like it when every symptom and issue fits in a neat little code or box, and we know the body is a lot more complicated than that.


We have the knowledge and the flexibility to go deeper into your body’s imbalances. We get to do what your doctor likely longs to do- teach you how to be healthy. 

Generally, insurance only covers standard lab work ordered by your physician and most functional labs used by FDN® Practitioners are not covered by insurance.  When you hire an FDN® professional, you are “self-testing” and are paying “out-of-pocket”.  Experience indicates that Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are easy to use and cover not only most labs fees, but also some supplements and even adjunctive therapies such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.  Some functional lab companies accept payment from Health Savings Accounts for lab fees and supplement expenses. HSA debit cards are easily attained by visiting www.HSAbank.com.  All monies you deposit in your HSA account are spent as “pre-tax” dollars and may provide additional tax benefits.  In the long run, this method of paying for health-related expenses can amount to greater savings than applying for insurance reimbursement, and certainly less hassle.  We hope you find this information helpful and understand that your health is the best investment you can possibly make.

You’re worried you’re beyond help. We get it. We’re here to tell you that we’ve seen it all. We have worked with tens of thousands of men and women just like you. We’ve walked with clients through crushing insomnia, zero energy, explosive diarrhea, a dormant libido, chronic infection, hormone irregularities, heavy metal issues, mold toxicity, and more. We’ve seen issues way more intense than those, too. We don’t fix anything. We simply sleuth out the hidden stressors that are contributing to a state of “dis-ease” in the body. We provide you the tools to achieve health and vitality. We call this an opt-in model of self care.  And it works pretty well (testimonials). 

Our goal is to deliver the most possible value to customers. That’s why our founder, Reed Davis, and the entire FDN® team have poured thousands of hours into making this program truly incredible. We also have an extremely low withdrawal rate, signaling that just about everyone is satisfied with their experience. Our program ranges from $995 – $3995. During your Health Review Session your expert FDN Practioner will advise you which program is right for you.

Additionally, we offer a 14-day cancellation policy to reduce your risk. All you have to do is contact us before your first session and labs.

How it Works

Progam Overview


Step 1 2

Health Questionnaire

Complete our health history questionnaire to see if we can help you and if you are a match to work with us here at FDNthrive! The questionnaire is 10 short questions and will take 2 minutes to complete.

Health Review Session

Once you submit your form, you will schedule a complete Health Review Session with one of our expert FDNthrive consultants to  learn more about you and  the symptoms you are experiencing and confirm if we can help you.

Step 1 3
Step 1 4

Find The Answers

We will find the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing and create a custom protocol designed to eliminate your systems so you can get well and stay well naturally.

Start Feeling Good

When you start to implement your custom protocol you will feel better fast.  Within months of  implementing and making changes  you can expect to see and feel a dramatic overhaul in your health.

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Start Feeling Better Today (And Live the Life You Want)

We have helped thousands of people recover from chronic or debilitating ailments.  

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