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FDNthrive is a leader in helping people determine which health conditions they might have been living with for years, but they didn’t know about. We discover individual healing opportunities and put individuals on the path to reclaiming their health. 


What makes FDNthrive different: Our team is composed of elite health professionals that use a unique approach and functional lab tests to uncover what might seem like an endless series of mysteries, ailments and pain.  Over 20 years of experience, and 10,000 success stories, has shown time and time again that the methods used by FDNthrive restore good health, even for chronic health concerns. 


Even those with a serious medical diagnosis or are under the care of a physician for medical treatment, can still come to us for help. Using the natural, general principles of health-building serves as a grounding program during any medical crisis and often reduces the need for medication and surgery.  FDN is considered by many physicians to be the Perfect Complement™ to evidence-based medicine.

Reed Davis

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