Why Take Supplements?

There are two major reasons why we recommend supplements. First, let’s face it; the quality of food today is not what it used to be. You can live on it, but it’s really missing a lot of our body’s requirements of both macro and micronutrients. The second reason for using supplements is to provide targeted therapy that will facilitate healing and restoration of normal function of cells, organs and systems. Supplements allow us to do so, but this aspect must be examined very carefully.

Are You Meeting Your Body’s Daily Requirements?
To attain vibrant health, you have to give your cells everything that they genetically require for proper function. If you don’t meet minimum requirements, your body will eventually break down in a way that results in a disease state. If you learn to eat properly and take the right supplements, you are more likely to stay fit and firm and have enough energy to live a healthy lifestyle until a ripe old age.
Good News

The good news is that there are a few conscientious manufacturers that actually do a great job of making and accurately labeling their products so that we can supplement appropriately and effectively. However, most FDNs do not stock supplements or represent any particular supplement manufacturer. As independent consultants we design all protocols for therapeutic and dietary supplements only after completing the proper nutritional and functional assessments.

As you may have read elsewhere on the website, we usually begin with a Metabolic Typing® Diet and supplement according to your type. Based on functional lab work, we also recommend highly targeted therapy using potent, proven, professional products as part of an overall strategy we call the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. This way we our clients are able to repair, rebuild, recover or enhance normal function and return to health.
FDN is Not Allopathic Nutrition
By “allopathy”, we mean the practice of treating symptoms. All too often, people who want to feel better but who do not want to take drugs will go to their local vitamin shop or local market for relief. There, a friendly clerk may direct them to products that are designed to provide relief for specific complaints. This is classic allopathic nutrition or supplementation; a “take this for that” mentality.
In FDN, it is not our place to diagnose or treat any disease. We know that symptoms are merely a signal from the body telling us that something is wrong. Instead, we focus on identifying and eliminating hidden stressors and restoring normal function to cells, organs and systems within the body. We do this instead of just chasing symptoms and have found that clients with serious health conditions have completely recovered.

With the above intention mind, it is important to note that supplements can be very effective in providing relief when symptoms are of an urgent nature. It is hard to tell a client who is suffering from hot flashes that she must wait until her hormones are balanced before her night sweats will decrease. In such cases we find supplements are much safer and less toxic than drugs.

The reason why drugs are controlled and require years of special study and licensing to prescribe their use is NOT because of the good they do, but because they are so potentially dangerous. Adverse reactions to drugs are a major cause of hospitalizations and even death may occur, not from their misuse, but from using them exactly as they were prescribed!

Many drugs are specifically designed to mask symptoms by altering physiological pathways, completely failing to address the underlying cause of the patient’s condition. Even more alarming is the fact that drugs often alter non-target physiological pathways and disorders even more serious than the original condition can and do develop. Nothing seems more tragic than the idea of a person taking a substance to “get better” but ending up in the hospital or morgue as a result.

While drugs are needed for many medical conditions and a doctor should always be consulted for any serious health condition, people should investigate the underlying cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Lab-guided therapeutic supplementation can facilitate a return to normal health and vitality and help to permanently resolve many common health conditions.